Find the Latest Manufacturing Solutions & Technologies at Europe's New Waste Heat Recovery Exhibition

Facility managers, production managers, engineers and operation managers of industrial manufacturing plants and facilities will attend Waste Heat Recovery Expo, the largest dedicated showcase of waste heat recovery technology, to explore the variety of solutions available to enable them to become more efficient and competitive.

The dedicated focus on waste heat recovery technology means that the exhibition attracts focused and motivated buyers from a wide range of industrial sectors keen to explore the opportunities on offer. Decision makers representing ceramics, glass and cement manufacturing, steel and iron manufacturing, petroleum refining, chemical manufacturing, fabricated metal products manufacturing, oil and gas production and more will walk side by side to learn, network and explore the technology on show.  

Why attend?

  • Waste Heat Recovery Expo is a free-to-attend exhibition and conference that offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with the manufacturers of waste heat recovery technology and solutions
  • Network with global representatives from the entire advanced waste heat recovery supply chain
  • You’ll gain a comprehensive insight into the latest waste heat recovery processes and technologies
  • Waste Heat Recovery Expo provides a unique overview of the wide variety of heat recovery technology available
  • Stay informed on the latest designs, manufacturing processes, technological advances, materials and trends so you can manage cost and performance and give your customers what they need
  • Be seen at the industry’s largest free-to-attend exhibition and networking event 


expo photo


The free-to-attend Waste Heat Recovery Expo Conference is a voice for the market from two distinct perspectives. First, the presentations and discussions will profile trends and issues pertaining to technical development and manufacturing of waste heat recovery systems and projects; second, they will address priorities and concerns from a buyer’s point of view.