About Waste Heat Recovery Expo

Waste Heat Recovery Expo is an annual exhibition and conference connecting the manufacturers and suppliers of waste heat recovery technologies and solutions with the buyers invested in reusing or commercializing the waste heat sources from their industrial facilities. Crucially, the exhibition also brings together the full waste heat recovery manufacturing supply chain.

With new technologies evolving rapidly, waste heat recovery offers an increasingly viable method of capturing heat discarded by an existing process and using that heat for other applications including generating electricity. Waste Heat Recovery Expo offers a focused platform through which participants may explore the latest advancements in order to become more environmentally friendly and efficient – by reducing energy consumption, operational costs and carbon emissions.  




About the Organizer

Smarter Shows is an international exhibitions and conferences organiser focusing on technical events for the manufacturing and engineering sectors. Smarter Shows’ portfolio of events includes The Battery Show, Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo, Space Tech Expo, Ceramics Expo, Foam Expo and Critical Power Expo.